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A full body workout in a little over 30 minutes — with a professional, knowledgeable trainer — works for me!!  I’ve been loving my Powerplate for over 3 years and can’t imagine not having it in my life.

Linda B

Jackie has been my personal trainer for 5 years. I had been training only with weights and felt I needed a change. I found Jackie and her Powerplate. She uses a unique combination of Powerplate training and weights to create a personalized exercise program to meet my goals.The results are almost immediate! Also, I am a marathon runner, and since my time with Jackie and the Powerplate my recovery time after my runs are much quicker.  I enjoy the sessions. Jackie creates a good vibe and energy while giving me a great workout!

Lori D.

It was difficult getting back into shape after having three kids in less than four years, but after my first round of PowerPlate sessions my abs were already flatter and my legs never looked better.  PowerPlate is unlike any personal training I’ve ever done.  The vibration technology has really worked for me.  I work out during lunch so the 30 minute sessions are perfect for my schedule.  I would recommend PowerPlate to any mom who is having a difficult time getting rid of her post-baby belly.

Noreen Dobrinsky, Age 40

I have been involved for a number of years with various fitness centers without a doubt I can assure that my time spent with Jackie Lupo has had it’s rewards. Jackie’s Ab Class has been most effective for me. It has improved my posture and body alignment by stretching the entire torso. The best 30 minutes spent, I recommend it highly.

Dominique Aristondo, Age 69

If your exercise routine is exclusively cardio machines, you’re missing out on body sculpting. Jackie Lupo’s body sculpting class is ideal. In a one-hour toning class, Jackie targets all of the muscle groups with light weights; arms, core, abs, legs and butt. And the one thing most of us don’t find time to do, stretching, is an integral part of the class throughout. If you really want to get in shape, these classes are a great way to get there. Jackie is a great motivator and personally helpful with technique in the class. I’ve been doing this class for years and really love the benefits. Thanks Jackie

Barbara Bienvenu, Age 62

Jackie’s ability to design my workouts for the fastest possible results has been amazing! Her personality makes each workout fun while being extremely demanding. As I progress she adapts my training with an innate skill that is remarkable. I am really lucky (and happy) to have her as my personal trainer.

Jeffrey Jacobson, Age 55

I’ve started Jackie Lupo classes almost 2 years ago. When I started I couldn’t stop whining : “oh, I’m sixty, Oh, I have two herniated discs, Oh I don’t know if i can do this or that.” After a few months I realized classes with Jackie Lupo was the best decision I’ve made. My life changed, I’ve never had a hernia episode again, my posture changed, my belly shrunk, lost weight and my stamina went to the roof. I’m enrolled in 4 classes a week, (2 Body Sculpting and 2 Abs).
Thanks Jackie!

Grace Vitale, Age 60

Some say at my age I will never get better. I will never change the numbers because they are set in stone. But you, Jackie, are dedicated to all of us at every age. You never say ” I can’t change you because of your age” but you push us and don’t turn your back on us. It’s amazing the numbers I get not only the weights and measures but the cholesterol, the numbers my blood tests show. I owe it all to you. You must know that you really make a huge difference in all our lives.

Linda Luft

When people come up to me and compliment me on how I look I always defer to you. I have people here in the building say they notice how my body looks so nice and how I’ve slimmed down and have a nice shape. This is because of you. I have not had surgery nor wear spankx under my clothes. At my age people often just give up and accept what is inevitable. But you took me on with a broken knee and worked so hard on me. You must know it’s because you cared so much to make me stronger and feel and look better.
Thank you!

Linda Luft

I’ve had five trainers over the past 20 years and Jackie is by far the BEST! She listens and understands my goals. She tailors my workout regimen to my specific objectives and she reinforces the proper form and technique that lead to great results! In fact, I’ve seen better results in four month with Jackie than I’ve seen with other trainers in 18 months! I’m a believer!

Francois Henriquez

After gaining over 50lbs during my first pregnancy, I never thought I would be able to fit in my skinny jeans again. Jackie took me under her wing and completely transformed me. Not only did I lose more weight than I gained, I looked and felt better than ever. I kept with Jackie all during my second pregnancy and now 4 months postpartum you wouldn’t even know I had a baby, let alone two! I will always be grateful for all Jackie has done for me. She is amazing!

Noel Ziebarth

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