Jackie Lupo Fitness | Certified Power Plate Training Specialist
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About Jackie Lupo

Jackie Lupo has been actively working in physical fitness for 20 years. She specializes in Personal Training, Powerplate Training, and Body Sculpting and Abs classes. Jackie grew up watching her father, National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee Joe Lupo train clients from their home gym and then in their personal training studios on Miami Beach. She enjoys teaching health and fitness and is truly dedicated to her clients. Through acquired knowledge and her own personal style, Jackie is able to work with all ages and abilities.


Training with Jackie Lupo ensures a professional, positive experience resulting in better health and quality of life.


Jackie Lupo was recently voted in as a Professional Member of The National Fitness Hall of Fame.

How will you know if you don’t try it?

Contact Jackie Lupo today!

All ages and abilities welcome!

Personal Training

Jackie Lupo will safely and effectively transform your body while teaching you good eating and exercise habits leading you to a healthy lifestyle. Each session is one hour. During this time Jackie stays right with you leading you through a personal workout designed to meet your specific goals.

Power Plate Training

The Powerplate uses vibration to stimulate muscles while increasing blood circulation. It decreases toxins in the body which causes a reduction in cellulite. In a 30 minute session Jackie Lupo will use her personal training knowledge along with the vibration of the Powerplate to tone and tighten your body which will result in more definition and increased flexibility.


Reshape your body using a unique combination of weights and aerobic movements. Jackie Lupo will work every part of your body while listening to upbeat music and carefully guiding you through each exercise. The classes are medium paced with stretching at beginning and end.


"If your exercise routine is exclusively cardio machines, you're missing out on body sculpting. Jackie Lupo's body sculpting class is ideal. In a one-hour toning class, Jackie targets all of the muscle groups with light weights; arms, core, abs, legs and butt. And the one thing most of us don't find time to do, stretching, is an integral part of the class throughout. If you really want to get in shape, these classes are a great way to get there. Jackie is a great motivator and personally helpful with technique in the class. I've been doing this class for years and really love the benefits. Thanks Jackie"

Barbara Bienvenu, Age 62

"I have been involved for a number of years with various fitness centers without a doubt I can assure that my time spent with Jackie Lupo has had it’s rewards. Jackie’s Ab Class has been most effective for me. It has improved my posture and body alignment by stretching the entire torso. The best 30 minutes spent, I recommend it highly."

Dominique Aristondo, Age 69

"It was difficult getting back into shape after having three kids in less than four years, but after my first round of PowerPlate sessions my abs were already flatter and my legs never looked better. PowerPlate is unlike any personal training I've ever done. The vibration technology has really worked for me. I work out during lunch so the 30 minute sessions are perfect for my schedule. I would recommend PowerPlate to any mom who is having a difficult time getting rid of her post-baby belly."

Noreen Dobrinsky, Age 40